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Eh Im grounded. nothing ever changes I think that mom should just permanently ground me cause we all know that she would think that it was fun. Im supposed to be doing a chorus project but fuckthatsucka yeah I changed that plan fast me and adam are updating. who needs this anyways. its the end of the year. Can my mom keep me grounded even when school is out. I sure as hell hope not though because ive got plans for this summer like mad. sigh

Last night I went to jareds with Jess and we played room raiders and found his silk flame boxers hah FLAMER. we watched boogeyman and i was really scared but then i realized that that movie wasnt scary at all.

Yeah so now im going to try to learn some cool facts on a man names john

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Whoa yeah its been a while. Im in butlers room and gordon has been to school everyday this week =) yay be proud for him.
Um last night i watched girl interrupted=) two times but one time i fell asleep and then I watched it again. It was exciting then dan came home and brought both of my doggggies.=)
♥Courtney needs to do my layout because ive had this one for like 5641 years. Yeah Its sad.
Jess wants to go to butlers afters school i was like YES! but im grounded=(
Im moving tomorrow. Im super excited but I hate moving it sucks pene of god
Butlers mad at me because I just updated.

Comments make me smileeee.
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i love abbitha babitha as much as i love tom...but not kevin because he dates men.
^♥ adam loving guys
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=) plans for today
+Hanging out with Anna Aj tom and Tiffy
+moms going out so i get to be heren with Dan
+Snaky Cakes to the MAX
+Spending time with them will be amazing
+didnt have to go to Daves graduation=D
-Didnt get to hang out with Jess
-Have to pack up and move in 2 weeks
-Eh I dont even know
- didnt get to go to NICKS last night=(
-Cried on the back poarch for like 2 hours
+had my Hippo
- Aj didnt come over=(
+ he is TODAY

ehh thats all
Commen. I need happines♥
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today after school im going to Ajs=) and I will probably end up going to the store, and then we will get soda and cosmic brownies and gum and maybe lollipops.

last night me and michael went and sat under the bridge for like an hour and talked, and it was amazing, and we watched the train go by and it was grand, and while i was gone Aj called and Anna called and mom was mad at me and said that i was grounded until today so yeah, shes lame to the max

Yeah and so now i have math with my little dumb teacher. and it makes me mad and im sitting here with jess and its lame whitmore got madddd at me earlier cause i was like can I go to my locker (that being the locker i dont have) and I went to see sean with lorenzo and amanda and he wasnt even there so yeah it was pretty straightttttt

me and adam should be hanging out soon. and michelle wants me to go see her because shes got prom on saturday and she wants me to see her in all her beautifulness♥

courtney didnt call again
Comments=] they make me smile
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yeah, today pretty much was the worst day ive ever had. ever in the whole history of the fucking world and then some other world.
i got up and was like hm wow today i get to hang out with Aj yay. so i went to school, yeah history sucked but thats normal and i have decided that its fine that history sucks because thats just how its always going to be and nothing will ever change that. since mr haley looks like humpty dumpty got pushed off the wall and put together wrong.
then english was pretty lame to and community home room just sucks in general. all the time almost as much as history except jimmy tadeo listed the reasons why it was bad to put winslow and waterville together. And it wasnt really funny that he was saying it, it was more funny that pooler was almost dying laughing about it. so that made me smile.
then I had art which is normally good when your in a bad mood except for today because today it was just like wow i need to find a way out of here before someone gets killed. but yeah i didnt find a way out. just found a way to get more stuck in, yeah painful
Then after school i couldnt figure out what bus was 3 considering there wasnt a bus 3 there so i got scotty to give me a ride and that was great too then i got to annas and got becky since anna wouldnt come out and we went to Ajs house and got him and peter then went to the store. and that was fun and then we went back and i made a flyer for this cool dude thing that we are doing. yepp it was so cool
then we went to Ajs and watched some messed up maury show for like 15 minutes then we went back to annas and watched fuse and listened to the knife fight epic for a few. then it was pretty much 7:45 and mom was there.
yeah and in the process me and rachel went to see dustin and that was fun and made me smile too cause they are both so super cool
and then i got home and mom went with sarah to get a drink and so now im here and i called letserM
Now im talking to jess and shawn. my 2 favorites.yeah i love them so much

courtneys on the phone
yeah sorry i needed to vent
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yeah days when I have d-unit for a sub=love.
I just went downstairs with rachel to see dustin. it was pretty much the coolest thing ive done all day.